Best DIY kits from Havoc Hobby: Science Models for Kids



Does the wondrous world of science interests your kid? Or, you want a fun, yet educational venture for your child in the comfort of your home? These perfectly put- together DIYs are here to save your day!

Havoc Hobby provides numerous DIY kits for kids belonging to various science field. These kits have the appropriate instruments to complete a given DIY model encouraging the student to use their unique innovation and imagination. All the kits are designed in a way that contributes to conceptual clarity of the kids. And don't worry, you have a lot of options to choose from, and all the contents are safe for your little ones to use.

Here are some of the best science DIY kits offered by Havoc Hobby that you can build at home.

  • DIY Solar energy/ Solar converter Demonstration

The kids get a chance to explore solar energy through this working kit. They will understand what a solar panel is and what happens when this instrument is exposed to sunlight. They learn to generate solar energy and convert them into other forms of energies. It's safe to say that they are in for a treat! Grab this kit at Havoc Hobby.



  • DIY Reflection kit

The Students learn the phenomenon of reflection with the use of mirror. It will enable children to tap into the mysterious world of lights and it's role in forming a reflection with this multiple-image activity. This one will surely activate their love for knowledge. Get this kit from Havoc Hobby


  • DIY Electricity Generator


This hands-on activity will explains how electricity is generated using a generator. The major concepts of this project are dynamo, turbine and LED, etc. All the material needs will be there along with a manual to make the learning easier. This working model is going to make your kid’s world go round.


  • DIY U- Tube Manometer

This product lets you make a manometer and help the students learn how to measure depth of a liquid. This will give them opportunity to measure liquid at different level of depth and understand this concept by thinking out-of-the-box. Get this kit here.


  • DIY Newton’s Cradle

This working model invites the children to understand the relationship between gravitational force and mass of an object. Not only this, it compels them to understand the interesting concepts of kinetic and potential energy. This experiment is enough to gain a scientific perspective in the minds of your kids. Get this DIY kit from Havoc Hobby 

These kits are filled with joy and surprises and have an ability to play a huge role in removing fear of science in children’s mind and make them realize what a blessing science really is.

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