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Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654
Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654

Feiyu Tech FY-91Q Flight Controller

Rs. 22,375.00
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Description :

● Inertial Stabilizer: The FY91Q utilizes an attitude flight stabilization system (AFSS) which is inertial sensing based. The system also incorporates autonomous positioning and flight control.
● The FY91Q AFSS integrates a three-axis gyroscope combined with tri-axial accelerometers to sense and create a drift-free 3 dimensional stabilization system.
● The FY91Q also utilizes GPS and barometric pressure sensing to obtain accurate aircraft positioning and altitude.
● By combining sensor data from the gyros and accelerometers, together with altitude and GPS positioning, an accurate inertial navigation and autopilot system is formed. Fixed positioned and altitude hover and return to home is just a switch away.

Barometer and GPS & COMPASS module
● FY-91Q control module incorporates an accurate barometric pressure sensor. At start up, the take-off point air pressure is measured, providing the autopilot with an accurate relative height data.
● The GPS & COMPASS MODULE (to be purchased separately) consist of a three-axis magnetic sensor and high sensitivity GPS receiver. This module enables the autopilot to sense the flight course and exact location of the
● Note that if the FY91Q is not connected GPS & COMPASS module, it will function as purely as a flight stabilizer for multi rotor aircraft. The Autopilot system cannot be engaged.
● For the autopilot to function, the GPS Receiver must detect at least 5 satellites.

Autopilot Function
The current FY91Q firmware supports two autopilot functions; fixed altitude Auto Hover and automated Return to Home. To enable autonomous flight, the GPS & Compass module must be connected to the FY91Q.
● Auto Hover 
● 3 dimensional GPS positioning is used to automatically maintain aircraft hover position and altitude.
● Accuracy of hover position (range) depends on wind conditions and speed.
● When throttle is increased the altitude of the aircraft will increase. If the aircraft is moved to another location (via AIL or ELE), upon releasing the control sticks the aircraft will automatically hold position and hover in the
new location.

Specification :

● FY-91Q Module
● Operating voltage :4.0~6.0 Volt
● Current consumption :50mA (5V input)
● Dimensions :55 x 33 x 20 mm
● Weight (not including wires) :20g
● Operating Temperature :-25°C~ +70°C
● The maximum allowable rotation rate : 3 rotations per minute