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Kato 10-857 10-859 JR Series E5 Shinkansen "Hayabusa" 10 Cars

(N scale)


  • The newest train in JR Easts Shinkansen fleet is the E5 Hayabusa (meaning Falcon).
  • The E5 bullet train is the fastest production Shinkansen train to ever operate in Japan at an operational speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).
  • Flywheel drive equipped to achieve powerful, realistic, and smooth operation
  • Equipped with Pendulum mechanism
  • Tight-lock diaphragms and car-to-car couplings keep a prototypical smoothly connected appearance without sacrificing turning radius (minimum radius is 315mm or 12 3/8).
  • Excellent quality with detailed design and wonderful craftsmanship
  • Working head and tail lights (Car 1 & Car 3), lights change in direction of travel
  • Scale: N

Additional set information:

  • These are cars #1, #7, #10 in Full 10 Cars set (Kato 10-857 + 10-858 + 10-859)
  • Equipped with a pendulum system which inclines the model train when it runs on a curve just like its prototype.
  • Streamlined nose can be opened to deploy couplers to allow the E5 to combine with E2, E3, and E4 MAX Shinkansen trains
  • Interior lighting for the cars is optional with Kato 11-209 and 11-210 (white LED) lighting kits (separate purchase required).