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Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654
Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654


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Caliber 5 kyosho engine GX52

This class-50 helicopter, perfectly designed, delivers a sensation of
flight never experienced in the past. The precision of its mechanics and the numerous adjustment possibilities, such as the MMS system (MechanicalMixing System), and EMS (optional system), make it possible to take full advantage of its great performances. Also, the new class-50 engine is perfectly matched to the weight and size of the Caliber 5. The main carbon heads are provided in the kit and deliver all the performance needed for F3C flights and 3D flights. The Caliber 5 is positioned among the best helicopters on the market

Technical characteristics
Direction of rotation of the main rotor: Straight
belt width 1 Level: 10 mm
rear rotor belt Width: 4 mm
force from the rear of the aluminum tube of 0.5 mm
Taumelsch.-Anlenkung: Four point
nature of the rotor head: mechanical mixing
Stabistange diameter: 3 mm rotor diameter spare: 537 mm
follow sheet Main rotor: 14 mm
main rotor blades Length: 596 mm

Pitch, Nick, Roll, rear rotor, motor, roundabout, sensitivity

In this version, the Caliber 5 assembled with the GX-52 delivered internal combustion engine.

• Caliber 5 Combo Set with GX-52 engine
• 50 Helicopter Rights System for Professionals
• Series of carbon fiber-main blades
• Designed for 3D and daily life flies
• Rotor head with direct wave storage sheet
• High Silence system
• Tank with dual chamber system
• Efficiency of drive belt transmission in the first phase and for the rear rotor drive
• Two-speed gearbox
• Anlenkung of the free play of rotor head
• All gears and weight rundlaufkorrigiert
• Comes complete with all the small pieces
• Rainbow multicolored decor

Supplied in the box:
• Caliber 5 Pre-Mechanical
• GX-52 compact and quiet internal combustion engine

Accessories required
• 6-channel radio control + mixers
• 4 performance servos
• Futaba GY-401 rotor with S9254 servo
• 4.8V / 2.400mAh
• 596mm or GfK battery recipients CfK Main rotor blades
• Enya glow plug
• Control balance blade 80216
• Heli Cool Power fuel 25% nitromethane