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Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654
Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654

Phoenix Model P-40 Warhawk 30-35cc Gas/EP ARF 80" - 1:4 3/4

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The P-40 Warhawk was an American single-engine, single-seat, all-metal fighter and ground attack aircraft that first flew in 1938. The P-40 design was a modification of the previous Curtiss P-36 which reduced development time and enabled a rapid entry into production and operational service. The Warhawk was used by most Allied powers during World War II, and remained in front line service until the end of the war. This ARF version assembles quickly and delivers exquisite results!
This is the Radio Controlled, Gasoline or Glow Powered,
30cc/EP scale 1:4 3/4 Almost Ready to Fly P-40 Warhawk Airplane.
For Intermediate Level Pilots.


  • Construction: Laser cut balsa and plywood
  • Wing: Two piece
  • Aileron and Flap Control: Dual servo
  • Covering: Oracover heat shrink covering
  • Cowl: Painted fiberglass
  • Landing Gear: Air retracts with CNC machined suspension metal struts
  • tail gear, prebent wire
  • Spinner: 4.7" (120mm) diameter red plastic
  • Fuel Tank: Approximately 16oz (473cc)
  • Motor Mount: Three plywood plates with aluminum standoffs
  • Engine Mount: Plywood with aluminum standoffs

  • Pre-built Wing, Fuselage and Tail Sections, Retractable Landing Gear,
  • Spinner, Fuel Tank, Motor Mount, Engine Mount, Pilot Bust
  • Instruction Manual
  • Radio: 8-channel minimum
  • Servos: Nine standard size high torque, 2-aileron, 2-elevator,
  • 2-flap, 1-rudder, 1-throttle, 1-air valve control
  • Receiver Battery: 6V 2400-2600mAh NiMH
  • For Electric Control;
  • Motor: Brushless out runner, Rimfire 1.60 recommended
  • Electronic Speed Control: 120-160A
  • LiPo Battery: 12S 5000-6000mAh
  • For Gasoline Power;
  • Engine: 30/35cc gasoline engine
  • Prop for glow engine or motor, field and maintenance equipment
  • Building and field equipment


  • Wingspan: 80.3" (2040mm)
  • Length: 70.7" (1797mm)
  • Flying Weight: 14.5 - 16.5lbs (6600 - 7500g)
  • Wing Area: 1176 sq in (76 sq dm)
  • Wing Loading: 31.13 oz/sq ft (95g/sq dm)
  • Wing Type: Naca airfoils
  • Servo Mount: 0.83 x 1.6" (21 x 42mm)
  • Center of Gravity (CG): 4.7" (120mm) back from leading edge of wing
  • measured at the fuselage
  • Control Throws: Low Rate High Rate
  • Ailerons, up/down: 0.51" (13mm) 10% expo 0.59" (15mm) 10% expo
  • Elevator, up/down: 0.51" (13mm) 12% expo 0.59" (15mm) 12% expo
  • Rudder, right/left: 1.2" (30mm) 15% expo 1.8" (45mm) 15% expo
  • Flap, Mid 0.59" (15mm) down, Landing 0.98" (25mm) down