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UR90 Infrared Receiver Front Panel

UR90 Features:

  • Plug 'N Play with any LocoNet system
  • Just add one or more UR90s to enable infrared operation
  • Most Digitrax throttles are Infra-Ready
  • Supports approximately 10 Digitrax IR throttles
  • More UR90s my be added to increase functionality of Infrared Operation 
  • Requires 12-14 volt PS14 type power supply
  • One RJ12 6 pin Throttle jacks in the front of the panel for hooking up throttles and other LocoNet devices that do not use RailSync.
  • Two RJ12 6 pin LocoNet jacks in the back of the panel for hooking up LocoNet devices that use RailSync.
  • Gives your layout a professionally finished look.
  • Indicator LED that shows the power state of a local track section