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EMAX EZ Pilot Beginner Indoor Racing Drone (RTF)

Key Features

  • Built-In FPV Camera
  • Radio Controller & FPV Goggles Included
  • 3 Modes of Gyroscopic Self-Leveling
  • Smart Height Assist Altitude Control
  • EZ One Stick Control
  • Up to 4 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Built-In Propeller Guards
  • Suitable for Indoor Flying

Designed for new pilots, the EZ Pilot Beginner Indoor Racing Drone from EMAX includes technologies that automate the complexities of drone piloting, letting you get right to the fun. The small drone features a built-in FPV camera and includes FPV goggles, giving you the option of viewing the flying experience from the pilot's seat. The EZ Pilot is an RTF (Ready-to-Fly) drone, so everything you need to get airborne is included in the package.

Optimized for Beginners

EMAX works towards giving new pilots an enjoyable experience by automating and simplifying certain aspects of drone piloting:

  • EZ Flight control software helps provide dynamic performance that's easy to control
  • Three modes of gyroscopic self-leveling
  • Smart Height Assist helps manage throttle to keep the drone in the air
  • One Stick Control custom flight mode combines yaw and roll for easier piloting

Additional Features

Up to four minutes of flight time
Ergonomic radio controller included
Full manual throttle control in advanced mode
Built-in propeller guards


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