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Jet Central Rhino V-JCT-JF170 Turbine

Rhino Turbine
   Super reliable, hassle free, best value motor with unmatched performance in its class at 35 Lb of thrust.  A powerful turbine ready to fly all the big jets, and provides enough thrust for awesome performance, and the fastest acceleration in its class.
RHINO Turbine Complete
Set with Auto Start includes:
-I.C.S. (Intelligent Control System)
-H.D.T. (Hand Data Terminal and Programmer
-Fuel Pump
-Electronic starting gas valve
-Electronic fuel valve
-Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
-2S-2P, 7.4v Li Ion battery pack
-Starting gas tank
-Turbine safety mounting clamp
-Detailed instruction manual
Thrust:  16.8 Kg (36 Lbs) * 117,000 RPM
Idle Thrust: 0.59 Kg (1.3 Lbs)
RPM: 30,000-117,000 RPM
Weight: 1.700 Kg (3.75 Lbs), with starter
Diameter: 111 mm (4.37 inches)
Length:  300 mm (11.8 inches), with starter
Exhaust Gas Temperature: 500°C-700°C (932°F-1292°F)
Fuel Jet A1, 1-K Kerosene
Fuel Consumption: 0.52 Lt/min (17.5 oz/min) Average
Lubrication: 2.5% Turbine Oil mixed in the fuel
Maintenance: 25 hours