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Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654
Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654

Lipo Battery 11.1V 1500 Mah

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11.1V 1500MAH 25C Lipo Battery



Voltage: 11.1V 
Capacity: 1500mAh 
Magnification: 25C 
Size: 20 * 34 * 84MM (±5MM) 
Weight: 128g (±5g) 

Package Included: 

1 x  11.1V  Lipo Battery



To avoide improper usage of the item,please read the followings carefully:


1.Before using it,please full charge it with specific lipo balance charger;

2.Charge lithium batteries at no more than 4.20V per cell. As for battery pack in series, please choose balance charging or charge each cell respectively

3.Charing temperature must range in 15-35celcius , Reverse charging is prohibited.

4.The voltage difference between any two cells should be in 0.03V,or charge is advised to balance the voltages before usage.

5.Please make sure the cut-off voltage is not lower than 3.0V, and we highly recommend not lower than 3.3V

6.Never discharge batteries with current over the designed maximum continuous discharging current which was regulated in relevant specifications, or the performance may be deteriorated and cycle life be shortened, causing overheating and even swelling, breakage, internal short-circuit, etc

7.If the surface temperature exceeds 65 celcius while functioning, the battery should be suspended using until it cools down to ambient temperature naturally. Higher temperature may result in battery swelling and performance

8.Do regularly charge &discharge for maintenance (about 1-3 times every 3 months),batteries must be stored at about 3.8V/cell

9.Do store batteries at a place with low-humidity and free from corrosive gas within the temperature ranged from -20 celcius to +40 celcius.

10.Under any circumstances disassembly of batteries is prohibited.