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Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654
Welcome to Havoc Hobby Center Bangalore. For enquiries & Support , Please call on +91 9535545654

Multiplex Funjet Ultra 2 With Power Pack & Servos

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The FunJet in his day was already the best flying ELAPOR-pusher propeller jet on the market. With the FunJet 2, there is now a further optimized version on the cutting edge of technology. A highly efficient ROXXY 3S drive, the new canopy shape and the new, high-quality design make the model even more attractive. 
The speed with which our recommended components is about 160 Km / h. 
The enormous speed and excellent Langsamflug- and landing characteristics distinguish this model from especially since it can always control critical and precise.
The big difference to its faster brother the FunJet ULTRA 2 is the lower weight and very uncritical hand starting properties associated with it. Thus the FunJet is the ideal Jet 2, when it comes to perfect all properties and easy handling. 
The sound of the model provides a real-speed feeling at an affordable price. 
Due to its size the FunJet fits into any car boot and should always be carried on board to the daily fun is not too short :-)

In the BK + Version perfectly on the model matched drive components are included such as: Motor multiplex Roxxy BL Outrunner C35-36-2270 kV, multiplex controller ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC, propeller 5,5x4,5 "with driver and two servos Hitec HS-65MG.

The optional use of the vector control unit (# 1-01024) and a Wingstabis (either with integrated receiver, or as a pure gyro) with the extreme FunJet 2 flight maneuvers, such as flat spin, knife flights can be flown like. 
Even hoovern and torquing is possible! 
There is the Wingstabi setups for setting the vector unit (optional) on the MULTIPLEX website as a free download file.


  • Wingspan: 783mm
  • Length: 750mm
  • Mass: approx. 600g
  • Wing area: 14.5dm²
  • Charge: 43g / dm²
  • Number of channels: 3 (or 5 if Vektor)
  • Servos: depth & fin (by Delta mixer in your transmitter), engine,
  • (+ 2 motor impact control if 'Vektor)