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Propellers 1245(12X4.5) ABS Green 1CW+1CCW-1pair


  1. Length: 12″
  2. Pitch: 4.5″
  3. Weight: 28 gm
  4. Shaft Diameter: 9.4 mm
  5. Total Length: 30.5 cm
  6. Includes a set of plastic reducers (3,3.17,4,5,6,8 mm)


  1. Durable plastic construction provides both lightness and rigidity.
  2. The Orange HD Propellers 1245(12X4.5) ABS Green comes with Epoxy resin cover.
  3. Very strong and lightweight.
  4. Includes a set of reducers 3, 3.17, 4, 5, 6, 8.
  5. Quick to release, quick to attach
  6. New design propellers, with greater aerodynamic efficiency, good lifting capacity.

Package Includes:

1 x Counter-Clockwise (CCW) HD Propellers 1245(12X4.5)

1 x Clockwise (CW) HD Propellers 1245(12X4.5)

A Set of prop Reducers